In July of this summer I arrived at my sister’s house for a barbecue, looking forward to grilling some juicy burgers and dogs.  I can say with confidence that I am an authority on eating hot dogs, having downed 14 in one sitting at a BBQ in Ludington, MI many years ago, when challenged to a hot dog eating contest.  I never got a chance to taste the burgers and dogs at my sister’s barbecue as she challenged me to give a Whole Food, Plant Based (WFPB) diet a trial.  She and my niece had started the WFPB lifestyle weeks before.  I jumped at the challenge head first by skipping the hot dogs and burgers and opting for a veggie burger and delicious German potato salad with no oil.   I left my sisters house having committed to trying the WFPB diet.  But I didn’t even understand what it really was, was it vegetarian, vegan or what? I was just up for the challenge but wasn’t at all prepared for what was to come.

That was day one and I had no plan going forward. I limped through the first couple of days motivated solely by the challenge until I read the Campbell Plan and that’s when I had complete understanding of why I should be living a WFPB life. It was for health reasons. At the age of 55, I wanted my last 40-50 years (God willing) to be healthy vibrant and alive. Not the normal declining years that we see with so many in the older generation, handicapped by maladies and on a regimen of multiple prescription drugs.

Today marks day 74 and I am thriving in my new WFPB life. But the question you might be asking is why? How has it impacted my life? Stay tuned for more.