My whole life I've had a passion for food and enjoyed cooking for myself and others, trying new recipes, and watching just about anything the Food Network would put on the air.  And of course, I loved to eat it all.  Meat, fish, dairy, oils and refined sugars and grains were all key ingredients in most everything I cooked.

I barely understood the distinction between Vegetarians and Vegans, let alone what the heck a Whole Food, Plant Based (WFPB) diet was all about.  So one Saturday in July of this year, I attended a family gathering at my sister's house and learned that she and her daughter Grace had adopted a WFPB diet.  It sounded a little extreme to me, and of course I knew I could never live that way; heck I smoked at least one pork shoulder a month, and ribs, brats, steaks and salmon were the stars of most of the meals I prepared.  And olive oil?  I bought it by the gallon.

A week went by and my family happened to get together again at our summer lake cottage.  I usually do my fair share of the cooking at the the cottage, and we had planned to have ribs and sides that contained bacon, oils and many of the other ingredients I had always cooked with.  That Saturday my brother Mark told me that he too had adopted the WFPB diet, and that I should read "The Campbell Plan" to learn more.  Further my sister Susie said I should watch "Forks Over Knives" on Netflix, and see if anything in the movie resonated with me.  Well I did, and that's how I became a Vegan, who does not use oils or refined sugars or grains.

How has it affected me in the first 60 days?  Check back for my next post!

Thanks for reading,